What a morning…

Dogs What a Morning

This morning we had a jailbreak. As I was helping my old dog Koda down the steps to go outside the other two saw an opportunity to run past me out the front door. 

Luckily, Dean (the one who earned a halo) came right back at the mere shake of a cereal box. But Forrest was on the lam. 

As I started to chase Forrest, Koda began to bark. It was 6 am and he could wake the neighbors. So, I decided to help him into the house. All of the sudden my 13yr old golden has a sudden burst of energy and circled back around with a hop in his step…making sure to step in his dog doo not once, but three times. So, now to clean his feet…then to chase Forrest. 

At this point, I wake up my son for help and we are both attempting to lure him back home.

He’s running yard to yard. I’m chasing him barefoot through muddy ditches. And… why I think I can out run a dog is beyond me.

Finally, he slows down by my neighbor’s house. I’m creeping up on him when I see their cat walk directly behind him.  I’m thinking “YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME.”

And I’m praying “Please God, do not let him turn around and see that cat.”

He turned around and saw the cat.

So, I’m chasing Forrest, who is chasing the cat, and we end up down the street into the backyards of neigbors I’ve never met before.

And I wonder…  is the husband pouring himself a cup of coffee saying “Hon, ya gotta see this.”

It also occurred to me — three years ago the doctor told me I couldn’t run anymore with my bad knee — but I can, dammit.

And then I thought… “It’s nice back here. They have a tire swing.”

Anyway, focus… now the stinking dog is a about to jump over a very large ditch filled with water. And I just look at him. Defeated.

Luckily… even he realized, that’s just ridiculous.

Eventually I chase him back into the front lawn and my son suggests, “Maybe he’ll stop running if you stop chasing him.”

And just like that… Forrest stopped running. 🙂

forrest in a gang