Eagles Among Us

I took a hiatus from my blog recently as I focused on graduation activities, and finalizing details on a golf tournament fundraiser to honor the memory of dear friends. But, now I’m back. 🙂

Yesterday, as we were finishing up the tournament, I was thinking of all the loved ones in our graduating class who have passed… unfortunately, over twenty now. And I couldn’t help but feel as if they were ALL right there with us.

It did my heart good to see sponsor signs throughout the course that honored the memory of our fellow “Golden Eagles.”
class sara

And I believe they were right along side of us… listening to our stories, laughing at the stupid things we did as kids, and saying “Here’s to good friends!” as we raised our beers more than once.

As a matter of fact, I believe 100% they were there.

For those who know me, the topic of “the other side” is one that has intrigued me for years. I’ve read dozens of books about people’s experiences with signs from loved ones who’ve passed. And to be honest, I can’t explain a number of things that have happened to me personally.

I’ve seen toys with no batteries suddenly working, smelled cigarette smoke or perfume when nobody’s there, and found dimes in the oddest placed — like the shower. I’ve seen things move on their own (thankfully I had witnesses for this one), had dreams that seem way too real, and once I asked my grandma to help me find a pair of missing glasses and they appeared a few moments later on my dresser.

And what I love even more, is hearing other people’s stories. Even skeptics. Once they know I believe in signs from the other side, they’ll open up and tell me one of their own. They would “come clean.” I can’t remember what I had for breakfast, but I can remember every story I’ve ever heard.

I’ll share any experience I have, even at the risk of people thinking I’m crazy. And, I make sure to acknowledge any sign I receive. If I’m missing someone and their favorite song pops on the radio right at that moment… I just say “Thank you for that.” I would assume even angels like a thank you every now and then.

So, when I’m sad over losing someone, I stop and think…. they are in a place of pure love, beauty, and joy. A place with no pain. And I’m assuming they can fly around which is an added bonus. And, I believe with my whole heart, they can continue to share in our lives — and be with us anytime they please. So, when they say “hi,” I make sure to always let them know… I got the message, and “thank you.”


4 thoughts on “Eagles Among Us

  1. I know a few people who had near death experiences. One in childbirth, one from drowning, and one from meningitis as a kid. All of their stories are almost identical. Ironically they all said “I can’t describe the beauty in human words.” Kind of comforting. 🙂


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