When You Stumble Upon That Perfect Photo

I’ve been so busy lately, I really miss heading out with my camera…just looking for that perfect shot.

Like the time this giraffe at the Brevard County Zoo in Florida found a
juice box on the ground — and decided to drink it — just as I walked up.


Or when I was walking across a small bridge in Long Island,
and three swans showed up in perfect order.


Or when you catch your dog snuggling with his favorite kitty.

koda w kitten

And sometimes you see the sun rising — at that perfect moment.

Or you walk by the doorway to see your pups sleeping in perfect harmony.
dogs sleeping

Or you somehow catch a sparkling photo during a fireworks show.



The Psyche of my Crazy Dogs

Every morning I go through the same routine with my dogs. It’s not a normal routine. I think they’re all a little bit crazy, or maybe a little bit genius.


Koda is 11 years old and one of the sweetest dogs you’ll ever meet. He wouldn’t hurt a fly. There’s one thing you need to know about Koda; he has anxiety disorder. And, one of the things he’s afraid to do is walk down the three back steps of the deck even though each step is about 8″ high. But — he’ll jump off the front porch because it’s only one step. And, Koda does not like to walk on hardwoods (although, taking a nap on the cool floor is fine). So, every morning I need to line up carpet runners from the living room to the front door — with virtually no floor showing — for him to go outside. When he’s ready to come back in, I open the door and wait. He looks at me. He sits there. He won’t come in. That is…until I go back into the house, close the door, and pretend he missed his opportunity. Then, when I re-open the door he will ALWAYS come in.


Forrest is the youngest of the three dogs turning one next month. Forrest will jump the fence in the back yard, so I can’t simply open the door and let him out. He needs to be on a runner. He knows that I’d like him to go out before he gets fed in the morning, so he walks around the side of the deck and pretends to go to the bathroom, then comes back in. I caught on to what he was doing when he needed to go out again immediately after eating. And, when I get the dog food bowls ready, he immediately sits down and raises his left paw to shake because he thinks he needs to do this in order to get fed.

cosmo coustaeCosmo will bark at the back door every morning to go out. When you open the door he refuses to leave the house. He just sits there and stares at you. Now, the door is open, he needs to go to the bathroom, and he won’t leave the house…until I step out onto the back deck and personally invite him outside. As God as my witness.

Please tell me my dogs are not the only ones that are nuts.

Stumbled Upon A Funny

I found a folder of old pictures that I took over the past three years. They were vacation pics, so I was browsing through…

First, I came across some photos from Old Orchard Beach, Maine where my daughter and I have vacationed a few times. After a day on the beach, we’d always take a drive to see some scenery and lighthouses. Beautiful place to visit, huh?

me100_5839  mAINE 2


Next, I found a few pictures from Sebastian, Florida where my parents live…these were taken down by the pier one night at dusk.

100_6167 100_6168


And last, I found some photos I took in New York City… just taking a stroll through the NYU campus. I thought I was genius taking a “Caught between the moon and New York City” shot.

100_6076 moon and NYC

But one of my favorite pics, was this darn squirrel.
Kinda wish I could eat my lunch like that.

Squirrel in NYU Park

However, I remember when I was taking this picture, my first shot was quick, just in case he ran away. The woman on the bench below must’ve thought I was trying to take her photo, so she hid her face.

Now, over two years later, I just noticed the heading on the newspaper she was reading.



Syracuse Landmarks

Last year I took some photos of Syracuse Landmarks to hang in the halls of the healthcare facility where I work. I know Syracuse gets a bad rap because of the weather, but we have some pretty awesome summers — and I have to admit — I love living here. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to take more photos soon. Syracuse University is next on my list.

Until then, thought I’d share…

Columbus Bakery – best bread in town!

columbus bakery front columbus bakery oven columbus bakery inside

NBT Bank Stadium – Home of the Syracuse Chiefs

NBT Bank Stadium NBT Bank Stadium Ticket Stand NBT Bank Stadium Entry NBT Bank Stadium Chiefs

Dinosaur BBQ-Any weekday see “bikers” and “suits” enjoying some ribs.  🙂

Dinosaur BBQ Dinosaur BBQ Mural Dinosaur BBQ from 2nd story

Cool statue of an Erie Canal mule and his handler.

Erie Canal Mule

Heid’s of Liverpool – Best dogs and coneys around!!


St. John’s the Evangelist – breathtaking.

St John the Evangelis

…thanks for taking a quick tour!