Tears to Treasures

The other day I was reflecting on 2016… and was feeling a bit weepy. Just having a moment I guess, thinking of the loved ones we lost this year.  Let’s face it, when it hits you – it hits you.

And with Christmas upon us, I wondered… Is there anything we can do for ourselves to get through the holidays?

Then I saw a post on Facebook from my best friend’s sister. She shared a picture of a Christmas morning from the late ’60’s. I stared at it for quite a while.  Even though I miss my “bestie” I could hear her laughing, thinking it was a classic. And I could also hear her saying “Who cut my bangs so short!?” And it made me smile.


Then I saw some old home movies that my high school friend shared with the rest of us. They were his late father’s. I could imagine how his dad must’ve taken so much pride in the film he captured of his children through the years. And THAT made me smile.

Then I read a post about my friend’s late husband, and how he always dressed up like Santa every Christmas. I remember him doing that – like it was yesterday. That was his thing. And THAT TOO, made me smile.

And it hit me. Maybe that’s what we should do. Maybe that’s what they’d want us to do. Share their stories, their photos, their movies… those are our treasures, the treasures they left behind.

And you know they’ll be sitting right there, right next to us on Christmas Day. Wouldn’t that be such a wonderful gift to give them?

So, if you have the strength, don’t be afraid to share your memories. It may be one of the best gifts you can give someone (or yourself) this Christmas. Happy Holidays and Love to All!!