Our Puppy Pam


I haven’t been on here in a while, but I can’t stop thinking about an incident that happened a week ago and I can finally look back at it and laugh . . . finally.

Forrest, Dean and the infamous Pam

I had just returned from a week-long vacation in Florida visiting family, enjoying the sun and getting my fair share of rest and relaxation. But I admit, I was happy to be home as I was a bit homesick to see my daughter and our three pups.

The day after I returned, my daughter was off and running as she was scheduled to work the morning shift at Starbucks. She left while I was still sleeping. Little did I know, our 10-month old puppy, Pamela [yes, her name is Pamela — after Pam from The Office], wasn’t secured in her crate. I guess, as legend has it, Pamela led my daughter on a wild goose chase that morning leaving her late for work. Unable to catch Pam, my daughter assumed she’d be fine since I was home.

Big mistake.

I woke to the smell of dog poop. Pam had left me a nice little package on the carpet runner by the door. After disposing of it, spot cleaning the small carpet and tossing it in the wash I thought all was well in the world.


IMG_20191109_130642407~2I then found the HUGE vase of Valentine flowers my daughter received from her boyfriend tipped over. It was on the middle of the dining room table. “How did she get them?” you ask. Well, let me tell you. She has the ability to jump from the floor to a table or countertop like she can fly — kind of like Underdog.

Sadly, the vase was so large it contained almost a 1/2 gallon of water and it was everywhere. I quickly scooped up the flowers and vase and started to mop the floor and blot the fabric of the dining room chairs. It was then I noticed it…

The vomit.
Yes, vomit.

She had eaten about five of the flowers and I guess they disagreed with her. Although refusing to enter her crate that morning, she chose the comfort of her crate with all the soft blankets to dispose of her vomit. I cleaned the mess, rinsed the blankets and added them to the wash. I also made an emergency call to the vet. Thankfully, the flowers were not poisonous to dogs, but did you know, eating them may cause digestive issues?

Ya think?

I went back to cleaning the water spill and saw Pam running into the living room. She jumped up on the couch and squatted. I was like “Why in the world are you squatting?”

Oh! Now I see. It was just because she was preparing for an explosion of runny diarrhea and chose to make herself comfortable on the leather couch first. We wouldn’t want to diarrhea just anywhere.

So, after cleaning the couch about seven times and adding the blankets from the couch into the “washer of all things evil” I finally poured myself a cup of coffee and whispered quietly… Welcome Home.

On a side note…
Very thankful the flowers weren’t poisonous and she’s perfectly fine.
Very thankful the glass vase didn’t shatter and cut her.
Very thankful the couch is not fabric.
Very thankful I can finally laugh about it.

A little about Pam…
She’s great at Hide-n-Seek

She’s smart.
Helps herself to an ice cube every now and then. 


And, she’s thrifty.
Makes regular deposits at the bank. 🙂



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