Best Years of Your Life: 101

I spent the week packing my son’s things for college. Tyler is my third to leave the nest, so it should be easy this time, right? Not so much. And yes, there are sudden inconsolable bouts of crying. Me, not him. And noted obsessive compulsive behavior… “What if he runs out of shampoo, I better get him two. What if he needs paper clips, sticky notes, index cards, staples… what if he needs RUBBER BANDS!” God, I think the only thing I brought to college was a hot plate and a can of soup.

I get teary as I fold his bedding, weepy as I pack snacks — he needs something to eat when he’s up late studying, don’t cha know? — and I think I even started crying when I packed his toiletries. What’s wrong with me? It’s not like I haven’t done this before!


The Family

Then suddenly I stop. And I think.

This kid is about to embark on the best years of his life. The friends he’ll make, the parties he’ll go to, the mornings he’ll wake up wondering what he did the night before…and the stories he’ll never tell me and I will never want to know. And, of course the education. Don’t forget the education.

I sit for a moment and take a stroll down memory lane. And I’m happy — just thinking about those years.

College isn’t just a time for education. It’s a time to cut loose. A time to get it out of your system before you enter the real world. Before you become a responsible adult with a job, a spouse, and children.

Just last summer one of my best friends from college (who happens to do stand-up comedy) told me he uses some of my college stories in his comedy act. To which I replied… If you EVER say my name (even when you’re touring another country), or TELL one of those stories when you’re in Syracuse — I will kill you. He already knew the rules. That’s why I love him to this day, and he’s still one of my best friends. I can only pray that Ty finds a friend like him in college.

So, now I go back to packing with a smile on my face. And I look at all of the stuff I bought him and I think… so what if I’ve packed enough to send him to say, Siberia for a year. That’s ok. I only have a couple days left to baby him, so I’m giving myself a pass.

Come Saturday, these will be the….wait, dare I say it? Yes, I’m going to use my potty mouth… these will be the best fucking years of his life! And I know, there’s something BIG in store for this boy! 🙂


16 thoughts on “Best Years of Your Life: 101

  1. Good luck, Tyler! These four years will be so exciting. Your mom is right. You’ll meet friends you’ll keep for life. How cool is that? There’s somebody there who will make you a better person, there’s another person there who you’ll make a better person, they’ll both like you, and each other, too. Life will be good.

    And Deb, you done good. Congratulations. He’ll still need you. That won’t stop. The what-do-I-do-Mom? call will come, right? Feel good, my friend.

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  2. I’m really delighted to read this perspective. It’s always bittersweet, when our kids leave for anywhere. We miss them. But it’s why we taught them, what we expect of them — to go out and live! 😀

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  3. Yes, and being right near NYC is a dream come true! The school offers free shuttles. One of his best friends from our old neighborhood is going to college near the city and she already has plans to see the sights with him when they have free time. What an adventure!!


  4. It’s hard for a mom to let go. I know – I’m still working at it and both of my guys graduated from university quite a few years ago already.
    It’s funny, but I was not weepy for my first son – I was so excited about the adventure I knew he had ahead of him – but I was really emotional when the 2nd (and last) one left.

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  5. I was a basket case with my first. My second was accepted into his favorite college, but his HS failed to send the final transcripts on time. Poor kid worked so hard for a 4.0 average and his major was full before we realized what happened. 😦 He stayed home his freshman year and took classes locally. It was a happy day when he could get in his sophomore year. …but I still cried. Ha!


  6. Wishing Tyler the best of luck and hope he finds all he hoped for in college!! Congratulations for graduating from high school and getting to the next level, with a supportive and loving family, too. Nice job, Debbie.

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