It’s People Watching Time!!

Well, the NY State Fair opened Thursday and I took my daughter to do some “people watching.” That’s what we say here in Upstate New York…we claim that we go to see the weirdos. But who are we kidding? We all have our “mandatory” fair favorites — that’s why we go every year — religiously.

Some people say “I need my one-dollar baked potato!” to which I reply, I’ll save you the wait in line and toss you a potato for 50 cents. But to be fair (get it?), I have my favorites too.

I always go to the Indian Village and get a new piece of jewelry. We both got bracelets this year. Hooray for us! We hit the midway where we paid $8 a bucket to toss rings onto the ground for 3 minutes, checked out the animals and talked to each of them like they would be happy to see us, and of course saw the butter sculpture in the dairy barn.

We bought some homemade fudge, and grabbed ice cold chocolate milk for only 25 cents a cup. If I haven’t had my chocolate milk I refuse to leave the fair. This year I got two cups then went on that ride “Himalaya” with my daughter. I don’t recommend it. At least in that order.

It was in the International Building (where I get my yearly Gyro), that I saw my favorite weirdo. I almost gagged when I saw a woman leaning over the table to eat, with her entire butt hanging out. How did she not feel the breeze?

I do have one regret. How funny would it have been to have my daughter pose for a quick picture (and she would’ve, she’s cool like that), and position my camera so “the butt” was photo bombing her photo. She would’ve fell to the ground laughing when I showed it to her — she was oblivious that “the butt” was right behind her. (get it?)

Well, I still have time. I didn’t take any photos on Thursday, but I will return. As God as my witness… I will return!! 🙂


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