In the Spring of 2014, the girls and I held our first fundraiser  (in memory of our dear friend Sara). We wore tee shirts with the words Power Through It written across the chest — words used to describe how Sara handled her chemo treatments and battling cancer.

Sara had an inner strength to power through when she needed it most. She focused on the good things in her life — her children, her family, her friends. She was a true inspiration to all of us.

In the months to come, we realized the importance of this message…

We ALL have the strength to

Our daily struggles can be medical, emotional, financial…
work related, with relationships, and raising children…
just about anything.

After the fundraiser, people asked if they could buy a shirt for themselves.

pti cindy michSo, we took orders, mailed out the shirts, and something wonderful happened…
one year later dozens of people are wearing the Power Through It tee shirts — and spreading the message!


POWER THROUGH in the Adirondacks!

power through it michael

POWER THROUGH in the grocery store with mom!

power through texas

Our friend’s granddaughter shares the message in Texas!

REO Speedwagon Concert!

Power Through on Facebook

Sara’s family shares the message — they’re beautiful inside and out!

In the months to come, take a peek at our website to see how far
the Power Through It tee shirt has traveled!  🙂


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  1. Debbie – I’ve seen you “Power Through It” many times – even before you coined the phrase. I see you powering though it every day. I’m lovin’ ya!

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