A Juggling Act

I’m not really poor. And I consider myself very lucky to have all that I do. But as so many single parents find, managing your money is just that — a juggling act.

You can…

Buy new things, even though you don’t need them.
Own a fancy home, even though you don’t need it.
But if you do — then you can’t always enjoy the little things in life.

You’ll find yourself saying “no” to taking the kids to The Cheesecake Factory, or “I can’t” when the girls ask you to spend a day with them, or give up that vacation with the kids because funds are too low. You can live within your means, or forfeit so many memories in the making.

So, I’m totally fine with holding onto old things – as long as they still work and  they still serve the purpose – and I don’t even care if it’s humiliating. You know my motto… “Life if funny. So laugh.”

poor 2

And I know, someday I’ll be in a better place financially.


When someone asks me the Make, Model, & Year of my car
…the first two numbers in the year won’t be 19.

And, it’ll be a full-size sedan.  🙂

poor 3
The legs of my dining room table chairs won’t need a fresh
gob of wood glue in the joints every few months.

When somebody posts a photo of me on Facebook, you won’t be
able to find me wearing that same shirt
…dating back to 2007.

It won’t be foreign to me, when people speak of a cleaning lady
…or a lawn service.poor 4

I won’t have to move the door of the dishwasher “up and over” to keep it closed.

I won’t need to find contact paper that matches the color of my washer and dryer
…to cover the rust spots on top.

And…there will be no need to convince myself that
[to all visitors] the old linoleum really does look like tile.

All things come in time, so just relax. Don’t worry if you’re poor. Because you’re not really — there are so many things in life that make you rich. Right now, you’re just juggling, keeping all the balls-in-the-air until it’s time for the next act. 🙂

3 thoughts on “A Juggling Act

  1. I love this post!
    I soooo relate to appreciating what you have! What if instead of a wobbly table, you had no table at all? That’s how I think. Memories in the making sometimes cost money and memories last so much longer than things.
    Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

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