Do Thundershirts for dogs really work?

As soon as I see lightning, or hear thunder, the feeling of sheer panic overcomes me. It’s the same feeling I got when my mother-in-law was about to visit.

Although two of my dogs are fine in a storm, my one golden retriever, Cosmo, turns into a lunatic and it’s CRAZYTOWN in our house. There is no calming him, and no rest for the weary. 😦

He paces like an expectant father, cries at the back door…then cosmoruns away when you open it, and finds comfort in relieving himself on the upstairs hallway carpet.

And, he’ll get hist 100 lb. body in bed with anyone who will allow it — even if it means suffocating them. But how can you say “no” to this face?

Last night, during a thunder-storm, I slept on the couch in the living room with Cosmo’s head on my belly, petting him all night and telling him the world was not coming to an end. Eventually he fell asleep, and so did I.

I woke up at 3:30 this morning to find my other pup, Forrest, curled up in a ball making a nest out of my legs. Somehow I managed to walk my stiff mangled body upstairs to bed.

So, I may buy him a doggie Thundershirt… it’s cheaper than doggie therapy, right?


29 thoughts on “Do Thundershirts for dogs really work?

      1. Thanks, maybe I will. 🙂 I’ve been out-of-the blogging loop lately (end of school year stuff – ceremoneis, Senior Ball, etc.) So.. I just pick one of the posts and share? Not sure which one. Hmmm. Thanks for the tip!!


      2. No problem. This is def. a busy time of the year. Yeah, pick which one you want. I usually submit all my blogs from the previous week. It helps with the numbers and even if you don’t decide to do it-the SITS girls have great tips/blogs on food, making money and life in general. Everyone wins!

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      3. It’s after 11:30 pm and I finally had a chance to look at this site. It’s full of great stuff…even how to make your own Poo-Poo spray!! I can submit a blog next Saturday, but I was planning to write about “Cat Gangs” in my neighborhood. The other moms might think I’m weird. I’ll do it!

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      4. Oh you should SO submit. I saw some people submitted blogs about their cats. I also saw a blog that said ‘I submit to my husband every day.’ I was all…excuse me?’ I couldn’t bring myself to read it-I may later. But yeah, some good blogs and lots on quick meals/desserts which is so fab for a foodie like me. Have a nice rest of the weekend.

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      5. Ha! On the SITS page go to Saturday sharefest. At the bottom you’ll see ‘add link’. Do this from their website. Not FB page. In any case, they leave it open for 7 days for you to add your blog. Good luck!

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      6. I did it ! I also added the “Kindergarten Moment” blog since people are gearing up for graduation. Thanks for the tip!! I’m off and running. I have to catch up on reading everyone elses this weekend!! Thanks again. 🙂


  1. My friends who use them on their dogs think they are the greatest thing ever. They come in handy around 4th of July with fireworks going off everywhere too (we live close enough to the city to hear the “big” displays going off).

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  2. Our previous beloved dog, Lissa, was a wreck during thunder and lightening storms, Debbie. Poor thing shook the whole night long. I thought she was going to have a stroke the night our DirecTV dish on the roof got struck. Talk about loud! But this one, Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle, goes about her business la-di-da. I hope the Thundershirt works for baby-faced Cosmo. 🙂

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  3. I haven’t bought it yet…but shockingly he stayed calm through a bad one the other night (I’m sure you heard it since we’re Syracusian neighbors). Maybe he knows about this blog, and realizes his brother will laugh at him if he is wearing a Thunder Shirt.


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